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Created October 26, 2019 08:48
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Two Million Candles Exactbars Mode PyPy Run 04
$ ./ --cerebro exactbars=True,stdstats=False
Cerebro Start Time: 2019-10-26 08:44:32.309689
Strat Init Time: 2019-10-26 08:44:32.406689
Time Loading Data Feeds: 0.10
Number of data feeds: 100
Strat Start Time: 2019-10-26 08:44:32.409689
Pre-Next Start Time: 2019-10-26 08:44:32.451689
Time Calculating Indicators: 0.04
Next Start Time: 2019-10-26 08:44:32.451689
Strat warm-up period Time: 0.00
Time to Strat Next Logic: 0.14
End Time: 2019-10-26 08:45:38.918693
Time in Strategy Next Logic: 66.47
Total Time in Strategy: 66.47
Total Time: 66.61
Length of data feeds: 20000
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