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Last active October 24, 2022 03:24
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Found the Apple live stream URL
  1. Open which redirect to something like
  2. Find a loaded script like: /live/2015-june-event/scripts/2015-june-event.built.js
  3. Open this script and search You find something like
  4. append to it /url.json (details: host + path + url.json)
  5. Open the generated URL
  6. Found an URL like

Now you can watch it in VLC or any other videoplayer that support M3U and MP4(H264+AAC)!

Previous Apple's website:

  1. [...]
  2. Find a loaded script like:
  3. Grab the correct URL
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I just inspected the DOM using Safari’s DevTools and copy-pasted the URL from there.

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mems commented Sep 9, 2015

It's works only with supported browsers (which support HTTP Live Streaming natively or via a plugin like Quicktimes)

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This no longer works, as they have switched to Akamai.

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Follow-up: based on your instructions for the second website (and also noting that every year the stream URL grows by two characters, the stream URL could be either or

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