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Created November 9, 2020 03:36
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# Replacing null values by mean
dataset['Age'].fillna(dataset['Age'].mean(), inplace = True)
dataset['T4U'].fillna(dataset['T4U'].mean(), inplace = True)
# Replacing null values by median
dataset['TSH'].fillna(dataset['TSH'].mean(), inplace = True)
dataset['T3'].fillna(dataset['T3'].median(), inplace = True)
dataset['TT4'].fillna(dataset['TT4'].median(), inplace = True)
dataset['FTI'].fillna(dataset['FTI'].median(), inplace = True)
# The gender data looks to be imbalanced with 0 lesser than 1
# Replacing null values with 0
dataset['Gender'].fillna(0, inplace = True)
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