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An Epicenter of Wordsmithing…for the Enterprise.

Usage I Dislike

An Epicenter of Wordsmithing…for the Enterprise.

Words: Ugly, Dumb, or Overpriced

  • signage (if you just mean "a sign")
  • enterprise (if you just mean "big company")
  • entrepreneur (if you just mean "business owner")
  • artisanal (if you just mean "fancy")
  • epicenter (if you just mean "center" or "origin" or "start")
  • wordsmith (if you just mean "good writer")
  • learnings (if you just mean "lessons" or "things we've learned")

Words: Discount Conversions

  • experience (verb)
  • ask (noun)
    • request
    • demand
  • hopeful (noun)
    • candidate
  • ouster (noun)
    • firing
    • removal
  • pen (verb)
    • write
    • compose
    • draft
  • detail (verb)
    • explain
    • illuminate
    • describe
  • creative (noun)
    • artist
    • designer
    • writer
    • video producer
  • spend (noun)
    • expenditure
    • cost
    • expense

Find a Better Phrase

  • The Lame Recommendation Problem
    • can't recommend it highly enough
    • couldn't recommend it more
  • The Passive Missing Problem
    • gone missing
    • went missing
    • turned up missing
  • The Dramatic Speaking Revelation
    • broke [his|her] silence
    • spoke out
  • The Implicitly Stalker Interview
    • sat down with
    • caught up with

📥 Paper Cuts Inbox

  • "unchartered territory"
    • What, did you forget to hire a boat?
  • "RUSHED to the hospital!"
    • Yeah, because we usually just amble injured people lazily toward urgent care.
  • "double down"
    • Unless you're in a casino and showing a hard eleven. Hey, why not just go ahead and septuple down?
  • "take to task"
    • Oh, yeah? Cool. Where do you keep the task, and how will you get there?
  • "quietly [did something]"
    • Shut up. You're not Upton Sinclair.
  • "penultimate"
    • Improbably, this does not actually constitute a fancier ultimate.
  • "pay-fors"
    • You sure you're a professional writer? You really sure?
  • "endgame"
    • Pump the brakes, Queen's Gambit.
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solve (when used as a noun) -> solution

solution (when used as a verb) -> solve

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• “Continue on”

  • Can a person continue back?

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