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Compile-time graph path-finding is possible in Scala
import scala.language.implicitConversions
// Vertices
case class A(l: List[Char])
case class B(l: List[Char])
case class C(l: List[Char])
case class D(l: List[Char])
case class E(l: List[Char])
// Edges
implicit def ad[A1 <% A](x: A1) = D(x.l :+ 'A')
implicit def bc[B1 <% B](x: B1) = C(x.l :+ 'B')
implicit def ce[C1 <% C](x: C1) = E(x.l :+ 'C')
implicit def ea[E1 <% E](x: E1) = A(x.l :+ 'E')
def pathFrom(end:D) = end
pathFrom(B(Nil)) // res0: D = D(List(B, C, E, A))
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