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Created June 4, 2020 10:49
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Statuspal english localization file
subscribe_to_updates_1: Subscribe
subscribe_to_updates_2: to Updates
subscribe_to_updates_confirmation: You have been subscribed!
operational: All Systems Operational
issue_singular: There is an ongoing Incident
issue_plural: There are ongoing Incidents
maintenance_singular: There is an ongoing Maintenance
maintenance_plural: There are ongoing Maintenances
about: This is {{name}}'s status page, here you'll find the current status and incident history of {{name}}
description: "{{name}}'s status page provides information on the current status and incident history of {{name}}."
contact_us: Don't agree with what's reported here? Contact us at
auto_refresh_notice: This page is automatically updated every 60 seconds
current_incidents: Current Incidents
scheduled_maintenances: Scheduled Maintenances
past_incidents: Past Incidents
incidents_archive: All Incidents / Maintenances
operational: Operational
minor: Minor Incident
major: Major Incident
maintenance: Scheduled Maintenance
uptime: Uptime
days_ago: days ago
today: Today
response_time: Response Time
average_abbrev: Avg.
day: Day
week: Week
month: Month
support: Support
powered_by: Powered by
no_incidents_yet: No incidents registered yet.
posted_at: Posted at
from: From
to: To
day: day
days: days
hour: hour
hours: hours
minute: minute
minutes: minutes
label: Update
issue: Issue
monitoring: Monitoring
scheduled: Scheduled
retroactive: Retroactive
resolved: Resolved
investigating: Investigating
update: Update
escalate: Escalate
deescalate: De-escalate
title: Subscribe to get Updates
button: Subscribe
agreement_message: "We'll share your details with <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Statuspal</a> (USA based servers) in order to send you updates. We'll keep your information safe and let you unsubscribe at any time."
agree_checkbox: I agree to receive email updates
slack_subscribe: Subscribe to receive updates on Slack
sms_subscribe: Subscribe to SMS notifications
phone_number_placeholder: Your phone number
twitter_follow: Follow our updates on Twitter
update: Update
affected_services: Affected services
find_out_more: Find out more at our
status_page: Status Page
date_label_1: Will take place starting at
date_label_2: until
manage_subscription: Manage subscription
manage_subscription_page_title: Email Subscription
already_subscribed_mssg: The email address is already subscribed
subject: Confirm your subscription to {{status_page_name}}'s status updates
body_confirm_p: Please confirm your subscription to {{status_page_name}}'s status updates by clicking on
body_confirm_p_action: Confirm
body_manage_action: Manage this subscription
body_unsubscribe_p_action: Unsubscribe
body_unsubscribe_p: from this kind of emails
go_back: Go back to
pre_sub_title: New Slack Subscription
post_sub_title: "{{medium}} Subscription"
pre_sub_message: "<b>{{status_page}}</b> will connect to your Slack channel through <b>Statuspal</b> now, we won't ask for your personal details, only the necessary permissions to post to your Slack channel"
post_sub_message: "<b>{{status_page}}</b>'s status updates will be posted to <b>{{slack_team}}</b>'s Slack, on the following channel"
post_sub_message_simple: <b>{{status_page}}</b>'s status updates will be sent to<br /><b>{{recipient}}</b>
connect_with_slack_btn_label: Connect with Slack
activate_subscription_btn_label: Activate Subscription
update_subscription_btn_label: Update Subscription
cancel_subscription_btn_label: Cancel Subscription
activate_message: To activate this subscription click on
activate_message_action: Activate
slack_authorized: Please now select in which channel you'd like to receive the updates
slack_auth_failed: Failed to authenticate with Slack
subscription_updated: Subscription updated successfully
subscription_update_failed: Subscription canceled successfully
subscription_not_found: Subscription not found
subscription_failed: Failed to create subscription, please try again later
subscribed_sms: You have been subscribed to {{status_page}}'s status updates, manage the subscription at {{url}}
subscription_confirmed: Subscription confirmed successfully
select_option: Select an option
confirm: Are you sure?
title: Service {{service_name}} seems to be down
description_down: According to our monitoring system this service has become unresponsive, we're investigating.
description_up: Service is back up.
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