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Created August 9, 2017 20:48
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diff --git a/delete.c b/delete.c
index 7128f9e..75d7476 100644
--- a/delete.c
+++ b/delete.c
@@ -684,8 +684,11 @@ static int undelete_one(void)
return 1;
+#if defined (__unix__) || (defined (__APPLE__) && defined (__MACH__))
+int _undelete(void)
int undelete(void)
int group;
diff --git a/delete.h b/delete.h
index 0815880..7a3aa73 100644
--- a/delete.h
+++ b/delete.h
@@ -26,7 +26,11 @@ void delete_table(struct table *table);
void delete_loop(struct loop *loop);
void delete_frame(struct frame *frame);
void destroy(void);
+#if defined (__unix__) || (defined (__APPLE__) && defined (__MACH__))
+int _undelete(void);
int undelete(void);
void purge(void);
#endif /* !DELETE_H */
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