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URL parsing regex.js
A single regex to parse and breakup a full URL including query parameters and anchors e.g.
Url.regex = /^((http[s]?|ftp):\/)?\/?([^:\/\s]+)((\/\w+)*\/)([\w\-\.]+[^#?\s]+)(.*)?(#[\w\-]+)?$/;
url: RegExp['$&'],
protocol: RegExp.$2,
host: RegExp.$3,
path: RegExp.$4,
file: RegExp.$6,
query: RegExp.$7,
hash: RegExp.$8
Alternate from Reverse HTTP javascript server
Url.regex =
/*12 3 45 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F 0 */
/* proto user pass host port path query frag */
this.url = r[0];
this.protocol = r[2];
this.username = r[5];
this.password = r[7]; = r[8] || "";
this.port = r[10];
this.pathname = r[11] || "";
this.querystring = r[14] || "";
this.fragment = r[16] || "";

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@skounis skounis commented Aug 25, 2013


I stumbled upon this gist while searching for a URL parse regexp. Very helpful. I noticed however that the first regexp does not match the following cases:

In order to fix this I had to adjust it slightly:


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@wehrstedt wehrstedt commented Apr 16, 2020

If anybody wants to match the port:

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