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import sys,os
def decodeSpeech(hmmd,lmdir,dictp,wavfile):
Decodes a speech file
import pocketsphinx as ps
import sphinxbase
print """Pocket sphinx and sphixbase is not installed
in your system. Please install it with package manager.
speechRec = ps.Decoder(hmm = hmmd, lm = lmdir, dict = dictp)
wavFile = file(wavfile,'rb')
result = speechRec.get_hyp()
return result[0]
if __name__ == "__main__":
hmdir = "/usr/share/pocketsphinx/model/hmm/wsj1"
lmd = "/usr/share/pocketsphinx/model/lm/wsj/"
dictd = "/usr/share/pocketsphinx/model/lm/wsj/wlist5o.dic"
wavfile = sys.argv[1]
recognised = decodeSpeech(hmdir,lmd,dictd,wavfile)
print "%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%"
print recognised
print "%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%"
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