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@metaodi /.travis.yml Secret forked from MarkNijhof/.travis.yml
Created Oct 11, 2012

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pushing to heroku with travis
language: ruby
- 1.9.3
# I had to move all the steps into the after_script to get them called
- gem install heroku
- export HEROKU_API_KEY=<your key here> # you probably want to encrypt this key using the travis gem and "travis encryp" cmd
- yes | ruby travis_deployer.rb
- heroku keys:clear
- yes | heroku keys:add
- git push heroku master # or whatever your heroku push looks like".git/config", "a") do |f|
f.puts <<-EOF
[remote "heroku"]
url = url =
fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/heroku/* # had to change this into remote name instead of app name
known_hosts = File.expand_path("~/.ssh/config"), "a") do |f|
f.puts <<-EOF
StrictHostKeyChecking no
CheckHostIP no

Am having some issues with the user authentication with this. Travis build keep getting a prompt to enter the heroku credentials. how do I fix this?

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