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Last active June 20, 2020 00:20
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Should type hints and documentation for them be unified?
def __init__(self,
request: dict = None, *, action: int = None, magic: int = None,
order: int = None, symbol=None, volume: float = None,
price: float = None, stoplimit: float = None, sl: float = None, tp: float = None,
deviation: int = None, type: int = None, type_filling: int = None, type_time: int = None,
expiration: int = None, comment: str = None, position: int = None, position_by: int = None,
def __init__(self,
request: dict = None # a request instance,
action: int = None # the action to take,
magic: int = None # Magic number,
order: int = None # type of order,
symbol=None # symbol to trade,
volume: float = None # number of lots to trade
# And it is automatically turned into documentation for Sphinx.
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