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metaskills / wait_until.rb
Last active Dec 12, 2019
Never sleep() using Capybara!
View wait_until.rb
# WAIT! Do consider that `wait` may not be needed. This article describes
# that reasoning. Please read it and make informed decisions.
# Have you ever had to sleep() in Capybara-WebKit to wait for AJAX and/or CSS animations?
describe 'Modal' do
should 'display login errors' do
visit root_path
metaskills / gist:893599
Created Mar 29, 2011
A Copy Of sp_MSforeachtable Stored Procedure For Azure, Uses sp_MSforeach_worker
View gist:893599
CREATE proc [dbo].[sp_MSforeachtable]
@command1 nvarchar(2000), @replacechar nchar(1) = N'?', @command2 nvarchar(2000) = null,
@command3 nvarchar(2000) = null, @whereand nvarchar(2000) = null,
@precommand nvarchar(2000) = null, @postcommand nvarchar(2000) = null
declare @mscat nvarchar(12)
select @mscat = ltrim(str(convert(int, 0x0002)))
if (@precommand is not null)
metaskills /
Last active Dec 6, 2019
Ubuntu 16.04 Install Latest FreeTDS
$ sudo apt-get install wget
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential
$ sudo apt-get install libc6-dev
$ wget
$ tar -xzf freetds-1.00.27.tar.gz
$ cd freetds-1.00.27
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-tdsver=7.3
$ make
$ make install
View gist:404173
class Numeric
def negative
if self <= 0
self * -1
metaskills / gist:2836849
Created May 30, 2012
Basic Save & Open Page For Poltergeist
View gist:2836849
def save_and_open_page
dir = "#{Rails.root}/tmp/cache/capybara"
file = "#{dir}/#{'%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S')}.png"
FileUtils.mkdir_p dir
page.driver.render file
wait_until { File.exists?(file) }
system "open #{file}"
metaskills /
Last active Jul 17, 2019
Delayed::Job & Rollbar Integration Notes -


All output is from the delayed job worker session using the code above.

With Delayed::Plugins::Rollbar

Delayed::Job.enqueue true, report_exception: false)
metaskills /
Created Jul 16, 2019
AWS Washington DC Meetup


Functions to Full-Stack & Back Again


Learn how thinking big with AWS Lambda and moving to Full-Stack Serverless using Web Application Frameworks could help your company's cloud adoption & innovation cycles. This is Custom Ink's story of our lift & shift cloud migration to cloud-native using Lamby (, a Rack/HTTP adapter for API Gateway or Application Load Balancers, as one of our tools to help deliver AWS Well-Architected solutions in a versatile programming environment that uses many languages.


metaskills / log.txt
Created May 15, 2019
customink/ruby-vips-lambda Latest Runtime Build Errors
View log.txt
$ ./bin/build
Sending build context to Docker daemon 130.6kB
Step 1/12 : FROM lambci/lambda:build-ruby2.5
---> b71c0ed10ee3
Step 2/12 : WORKDIR /build
---> Running in 661fe3c895e3
Removing intermediate container 661fe3c895e3
---> 60ba7e7f1d27
Step 3/12 : ARG VIPS_VERSION=8.7.4
---> Running in e29f20323847
metaskills /
Created Apr 30, 2019
Cross-Region Replication S3 Buckets - Bash Glue
set -e
if [ -z ${STAGE_ENV+x} ]; then
echo "Missing STAGE_ENV env variable!"
exit 126
metaskills /
Created Apr 30, 2019
Cross-Region Replication S3 Buckets - Single CloudFormation Template.
aws cloudformation deploy \
--region ${AWS_DEFAULT_REGION} \
--template-file "template.yaml" \
--stack-name "my-buckets-${RAILS_ENV}" \
--s3-prefix "my-buckets-${RAILS_ENV}" \
--capabilities "CAPABILITY_IAM" \
--tags \
"env=${STAGE_ENV}" \
"group=ecommerce" \
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