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clusterName: eks-demo
# the name of the IngressClass
ingressClass: aws-alb
# works only if you have a working prometheus operator installed:
enabled: true
# make sure to use OIDC for the following, or follow the instructions from here instead:
create: false
name: aws-load-balancer-controller
scheme: internet-facing
name: eks-alb-ingress-demo
- key: deletion_protection.enabled
value: "true" # deletion of all Ingress resources won't delete the ALB
- key: idle_timeout.timeout_seconds
value: "120"
- key: routing.http.drop_invalid_header_fields.enabled
value: "true"
- key: routing.http2.enabled
value: "true"
- key: routing.http.preserve_host_header.enabled
value: "true"
# Optional: add the repo if you haven't already
helm repo add aws
helm repo update
helm upgrade -i -n ingress-aws --create-namespace ingress-aws aws/aws-load-balancer-controller -f aws-load-balancer-values.yml --version 1.4.3
# At the time of creating this gist, the Chart doesn't provide `controller.ingressClassResource.default` value
# the name `aws-alb` below is coming from the values file:
kubectl annotate ingressclasses aws-alb
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