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Miles Peele mformetal

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mformetal / build.gradle
Created Jun 7, 2016
Gradle command line builds
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task appStart(type: Exec, dependsOn: 'installDebug') {
def adb = "$System.env.ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools/adb"
commandLine "$adb", 'shell', 'am', 'start', '-n', ''
mformetal /
Created Apr 5, 2016
Base-Handling class for Fragments. Yes, I hate casting this much.
public abstract class BaseFragment extends Fragment {
public void onAttach(Context context) {
((MainApp) context.getApplicationContext()).getApplicationComponent().inject(this);
Map<Object, Class> map = getCastMap();
for (Object object: map.keySet()) {
Class clazz = map.get(object);
mformetal /
Created Mar 8, 2016
My solution to the Pinch-To-Zoom problem
// Defines the actions of the Zoomer class. Feel free to implement as you see fit
public interface MotionEventHandler {
// Defines which "Mode" the user is in. NONE means they have not taken any action, DRAG means tehy're dragging,
// ZOOM means they're zooming
enum Mode {
public class CancelEditTextListener {
private EditText widget;
private Drawable[] hideDrawables;
private Drawable canceler;
public CancelListener(EditText editText) {
widget = editText;
View.OnTouchListener touchListener = (v, event) -> {
mformetal /
Last active Apr 7, 2017
A simple way to add a predraw listener to a view
public abstract class PreDrawer<T extends View> {
// Private constructor prevent instantiation by the caller. Use addPredrawer() method instead.
private PreDrawer(final T view) {
// Adds the observer to the given view, then calls notifyPredraw() when clean up has been done ready
final ViewTreeObserver viewTreeObserver = view.getViewTreeObserver();
viewTreeObserver.addOnPreDrawListener(new ViewTreeObserver.OnPreDrawListener() {
public boolean onPreDraw() {
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