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Bash oneliner counting number of bytes occupied by chosen (by PID) process. It works by iterating /proc/$PID/maps file, then computing each memory region range size, then adding it together. Kinda slow though.
PID=<PID>; BYTES=`IFS=$'\n'; for l in $(cat /proc/$PID/maps | cut -d' ' -f1 | awk -F '-' '{printf "0x%s-0x%s\n", $2, $1}'); do echo $l | ruby -e 'print "#{eval(}\n"'; done | paste -sd+ - | bc`; echo "Bytes occupied by PID=$PID : $BYTES"

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@mgeeky mgeeky commented Nov 18, 2016

Worth to mention - it is terribly bad at performance, having written this oneliner I realized we can use /proc/$PID/smaps to obtain the same result much faster.

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