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@mgencur mgencur/gist:4512589

Created Jan 11, 2013
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7,050: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 5247K->0K(131456K)] [ParOldGen: 34468K->32671K(84160K)] 39716K->32671K(215616K) [PSPermGen: 43314K->41514K(85376K)], 0,1126040 secs]
7,447: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 96K->0K(131456K)] [ParOldGen: 32671K->30667K(84160K)] 32767K->30667K(215616K) [PSPermGen: 41519K->41516K(96192K)], 0,0614080 secs]
7,519: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 32K->0K(131456K)] [ParOldGen: 30667K->26858K(84160K)] 30699K->26858K(215616K) [PSPermGen: 41524K->41521K(92480K)], 0,0715140 secs]
7,597: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 64K->0K(131456K)] [ParOldGen: 26858K->24457K(84160K)] 26922K->24457K(215616K) [PSPermGen: 41524K->41521K(87680K)], 0,0809510 secs]
7,685: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 96K->0K(131456K)] [ParOldGen: 24457K->24457K(84160K)] 24553K->24457K(215616K) [PSPermGen: 41526K->41523K(83968K)], 0,0608550 secs]
Loading data...
Data loaded in 36339 ms
44,111: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 8864K->0K(279872K)] [ParOldGen: 131744K->135259K(166912K)] 140608K->135259K(446784K) [PSPermGen: 41880K->41877K(76032K)], 0,1331770 secs]
44,250: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 96K->0K(305792K)] [ParOldGen: 135259K->135201K(166912K)] 135355K->135201K(472704K) [PSPermGen: 41880K->41877K(71744K)], 0,1331040 secs]
Initial memory [kB]: 24457
Final memory [kB]: 135201
Memory occupied with data [kB]: 110744
Loading data...
Data loaded in 29485 ms
73,904: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 12960K->0K(288960K)] [ParOldGen: 255128K->255349K(266432K)] 268088K->255349K(555392K) [PSPermGen: 41881K->41878K(64832K)], 0,2153120 secs]
74,129: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 64K->0K(246784K)] [ParOldGen: 255349K->255338K(266432K)] 255413K->255338K(513216K) [PSPermGen: 41881K->41878K(61696K)], 0,2419170 secs]
Initial memory [kB]: 135201
Final memory [kB]: 255338
Memory occupied with data [kB]: 120137
Loading data...
Data loaded in 30004 ms
104,409: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 76032K->0K(233024K)] [ParOldGen: 305448K->375034K(407040K)] 381480K->375034K(640064K) [PSPermGen: 41881K->41878K(56320K)], 0,2733780 secs]
104,689: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 128K->0K(243264K)] [ParOldGen: 375034K->374776K(407040K)] 375162K->374776K(650304K) [PSPermGen: 41881K->41878K(54144K)], 0,2948200 secs]
104,990: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 128K->0K(244224K)] [ParOldGen: 374776K->374776K(407040K)] 374904K->374776K(651264K) [PSPermGen: 41881K->41878K(52608K)], 0,2642640 secs]
Initial memory [kB]: 255338
Final memory [kB]: 374776
Memory occupied with data [kB]: 119438
Loading data...
Data loaded in 28350 ms
133,671: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 100544K->88763K(233024K)] [ParOldGen: 403600K->407036K(407040K)] 504144K->495800K(640064K) [PSPermGen: 41884K->41881K(51008K)], 0,3448310 secs]
134,022: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 88901K->88713K(233024K)] [ParOldGen: 407036K->407039K(407040K)] 495938K->495753K(640064K) [PSPermGen: 41884K->41881K(49408K)], 0,3716400 secs]
Initial memory [kB]: 374776
Final memory [kB]: 495753
Memory occupied with data [kB]: 120977
Average memory occupied with data [kB]: 120184
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