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My Design Stack — Languages, frameworks, and tools in my day-to-day workflow.

My Design Stack

These are the languages, frameworks, and tools I'm using in my day-to-day workflow, listed in no particular order. Items that make me go "Oh yeah!" or are my primary tools are marked in bold.

A Note on Process

My end-to-end process is front-loaded with research, sketches, whiteboarding, and figuring out a product spec with everyone that's involved in a project. My philosophy is: Design is not solely about deliverables; it's about understanding. It's not about a particular tool or language; it's about communication. It's not about pixels; it's about providing capability. I don't spend a lot of time in any particular application at first. The hardest thing to do well is figuring out what it is you want to design.

Languages, Frameworks

I don't currently work in Python and Javascript at a production level, but I work on a web application built on these so I know enough to prototype what I need to. That said, I'm actively working to change that with practice, projects, and patience.

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