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Created Feb 15, 2017
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.screenrc that somewhat emulated my tmux config from mgor/dotfiles, should be used togheter with .bashrc gist.
startup_message off
escape ^Ss
termcapinfo rxvt-unicode ti@:te@ #enable SHIFT-PGUP / SHIFT-PGDOWN scroll
terminfo rxvt-unicode ti@:te@:
term screen-256color
setenv LC_CTYPE en_US.UTF-8
defutf8 on
nonblock on
vbell off
msgwait 10
screen -t bash 1 bash
select 1
bind = resize =
bind + resize +1
bind - resize -1
bind _ resize max
bind c screen 1 # Window numbering starts at 1, not 0.
bind 0 select 10
backtick 1 0 86400 /usr/bin/awk '{print $(NF-1)}' /etc/redhat-release
hardstatus off
hardstatus alwayslastline "%{= BW} RHEL %{= 6m}%{= W} %1` %{= 9m}%{= W} %-Lw%{= 2m}%{= W} %50>%n%f %t %{= 9m}%{= W}%+Lw%< %= %{= wK} %D %d %M %c %{= 9m}%{= W} %H"
# hardcopydir: The directory which contains all hardcopies.
hardcopydir ~/.screen
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