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Created May 30, 2016
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.PHONY = all install reinstall uninstall test _wrapped_stow _pre_stow _stow _post_stow _stow_ignore _install_args _reinstall_args _uninstall_args _test_args
$(error You probably want to run 'make test' first)
$(foreach file,$(wildcard *),$(eval ARGS += --ignore=$(file)))
_stow: _stow_ignore
@stow -t $(HOME) -v $(ARGS) .
$(eval ARGS := -S)
$(eval ARGS := -R)
$(eval ARGS := -D)
$(eval ARGS := -n -S)
_wrapped_stow: _pre_stow _stow _post_stow
install: _install_args _wrapped_stow
uninstall: _uninstall_args _wrapped_stow
reinstall: _reinstall_args _wrapped_stow
test: _test_args _stow
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