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mhammond/Max validation errors.ipynb Secret

Last active Jan 31, 2017
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Max validation errors
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# coding: utf-8
# In[1]:
from moztelemetry import get_pings, get_pings_properties
# filter the ones we care about early...
def filterOurs(ping):
syncs = ping["payload"]["syncs"]
except KeyError:
return False
for sync in syncs:
for engine in sync.get("engines", []):
if "name" in engine and engine["name"] == "bookmarks" and "validation" in engine and "problems" in engine["validation"]:
return True
return False
pings = get_pings(sc, doc_type='sync', fraction=1.0).filter(filterOurs)
# In[2]:
def flattenBookmarkValidations(ping):
result = []
for sync in ping["payload"]["syncs"]:
for engine in sync.get("engines", []):
if "validation" in engine:
# turn it into a dict.
this = {}
for problem in engine["validation"]["problems"]:
this[problem["name"]] = problem["count"]
return result
# And reduce each one into the max
def reduceToMax(a, b):
allKeys = set(a.keys())
result = {}
for key in allKeys:
result[key] = max(a.get(key, 0), b.get(key, 0))
return result
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