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Useful javascript-snippets

Useful javascript-snippets:

  • fuzzy search
  • Get closest in a group
  • Reach clicked element inside functions
  • Scroll to top of element
  • Skip to content
  • Set timing in javascript
  • toggle specific class via general javascript and data-attributes
//after transition ends
$('.foo').one('webkitTransitionEnd otransitionend oTransitionEnd msTransitionEnd transitionend', function(e) {
// code to execute after transition ends
//after animation ends:
$('.foo').one('webkitAnimationEnd oanimationend oAnimationEnd msAnimationEnd animationend', function(e) {
// code to execute after animation ends
//fuzzy search a list or similar.
// Retrieve the input field text and reset the count to zero
var filter = $(this).val(), count = 0;
// Loop through the comment list
$(".commentlist li").each(function(){
// If the list item does not contain the text phrase fade it out
if ($(this).text().search(new RegExp(filter, "i")) < 0) {
// Show the list item if the phrase matches and increase the count by 1
} else {
// Update the count
var numberItems = count;
$("#filter-count").text("Number of Comments = "+count);
//quick tip to find div in a more limited scope than the whole site..
$('#target').click(function() {
//How to reach this (f.ex the clicked element) inside functions
$('#target').click(function() {
doThis(this); //need to set this to be able to use the variables in calculatePrice();
function calculatePrice(that) {
$('html, body').animate({
scrollTop: ($(this).offset().top)
var skipTo="#"+this.href.split('#')[1];
$(skipTo).attr('tabindex', -1).on('blur focusout', function () {
//setting timing in js
//etter 3 sekunder:
setTimeout(svar1, 1500);
function svar1(){
//bedre løsning. Se her:
function repeatOften() {
// Do whatever
//Toggle a specific CSS-selector with a general script
//<a href="#" class="js-toggle" data-target="#target" >Toggle specific class</a>
$(".js-toggle").click(function() {
var toggleThis = $(this).data("target");
if ($(this).is('.toggle-state--active') ){
} else {
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