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Exporting more friends or followers from Twitter to a Google Spreadsheet (used with )
function getLotsOfFriendAndFo(){
// NOTE: before using running this script clear any existing data (apart from the header row) from the target sheet
var sheetName = "Followers"; // enter the sheet name to update
var friendOrFo = "followers"; // options 'friends' or 'followers
var optScreenName = "mhawksey"; // if you are getting someone elses friends or followers enter their screen name here
var statusString = "";
var your_screen_name = tw_request("GET", "account/verify_credentials.json").screen_name;
if (typeof optScreenName != "undefined") {
statusString = "&screen_name="+optScreenName;
your_screen_name = optScreenName;
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var sheet = ss.getSheetByName(sheetName);
if (!ScriptProperties.getProperty("cursor")){
ScriptProperties.setProperty("cursor", "-1");
if (ScriptProperties.getProperty("cursor") != "none"){ // while twitter returns data loop
try {
var o = tw_request("GET", "statuses/"+friendOrFo+".json?cursor=" + ScriptProperties.getProperty("cursor") + statusString); // note using sheetname to build api request
var data = o.users;
for (i in data){ // extracting some subobjects to top level (makes it easier to setRowsData)
if (data[i].status){
for (j in data[i].status){
data[i]["status_"+j] = data[i].status[j];
if (data[i].screen_name){ // also build url to jump to profile page
data[i]["profile_link"] = ""+data[i].screen_name;
//data[i]["friends"] = tw_request("GET", "friendships/exists.json?user_a=" +data[i].screen_name + "&user_b=" + your_screen_name);
//data[i]["friends"] = tw_request("GET", "friendships/exists.json?user_a=" +your_screen_name + "&user_b=" + data[i].screen_name);
var headRange = sheet.getRange(1, 1, 1, sheet.getMaxColumns());
var rowIndex = sheet.getLastRow()+1;
data.splice(data.length-1); // remove last row to avoid duplicates
setRowsData(sheet, data, headRange, rowIndex); // dump data for this loop to sheet
if (o.next_cursor!="0"){
ScriptProperties.setProperty("cursor", o.next_cursor.toString()); // get next cursor
} else {
ScriptProperties.setProperty("cursor", "none"); // break
} catch (e) {
//ss.toast("Done! (You might need to refresh brower to see the results", "Status", 5);
function resetGetLotsOfFriendAndFo(){
ScriptProperties.setProperty("cursor", "-1");
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