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Kindle It widget
l = ''+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href);
e = l+'&context=download&format=epub';
m = l+'&context=download&format=mobi';
function pop(){
h = 527;
w = 873;
wd =, 'KindleIt','scrollbars=no,menubar=no,height='+h+',width='+w+',resizable=yes,toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,top='+((screen.height/2)-(h/2))+',left='+((screen.width/2)-(w/2)));
document.write('<p style="text-align:center;font-weight:bold;"><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="pop()">Kindle It</a> | <a href="'+e+'" target"_blank">ePub</a> | <a href="'+m+'" target"_blank">mobi</a></p>');
document.write('<p style="text-align:center;">Powered by <a href=""></a> (<a href="">donate</a>)</p>');
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