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PROD Sweave Report Demo
strand = "Open educational resources programme"
\title{CETIS PROD Demonstration Report: \Sexpr{strand}}
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\section{Programme Overview}
projects <- read.csv(textConnection(getURL("")), header = T)
projectSub <- subset(projects, grepl("^Open education", projects$Strand ))
# this bit from
# note if you are pulling in multiple columns you may needd to change which one
# in the dataset is select e.g. dataset[,2] etc
ap.corpus <- Corpus(DataframeSource(data.frame(as.character(projectSub$Desc))))
ap.corpus <- tm_map(ap.corpus, removePunctuation)
ap.corpus <- tm_map(ap.corpus, tolower)
ap.corpus <- tm_map(ap.corpus, function(x) removeWords(x, stopwords("english")))
# additional stopwords can be used as shown below
#ap.corpus <- tm_map(ap.corpus, function(x) removeWords(x, c("ukoer","oer")))
ap.tdm <- TermDocumentMatrix(ap.corpus)
ap.m <- as.matrix(ap.tdm)
ap.v <- sort(rowSums(ap.m),decreasing=TRUE)
ap.d <- data.frame(word = names(ap.v),freq=ap.v)
pal2 <- brewer.pal(8,"Dark2")
\caption{Wordcloud of project descriptions}
wordcloud(ap.d$word,ap.d$freq, scale=c(8,.2),min.freq=3, max.words=Inf, random.order=FALSE, rot.per=.15, colors=pal2)
There are \Sexpr{nrow(projectSub)} projects in the \Sexpr{strand} Strand.
\subsection{Project Relationship}
Here is a grpah (see Figure \ref{fig:buildson}) of how projects in this strand relate to other projects
buildson <- read.csv(textConnection(getURL("")), header = T)
g <-, directed=TRUE)
V(g)$size <- degree(g) * 2 # multiply by 2 for scale
l <- layout.fruchterman.reingold(g)
l <- layout.norm(l, -1,1, -1,1)
\caption{Project - builds on}
plot(g, layout=l, vertex.size=3, vertex.label=V(g)$name,
vertex.color="#ff0000", vertex.frame.color="#ff0000", edge.color="#555555",
vertex.label.dist=0, vertex.label.cex=1, vertex.label.font=2,
edge.arrow.size=0.3, xlim=range(l[,1]), ylim=range(l[,2]),
main="Builds on")
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