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Google Apps Script version for using authenticated data sources
function getResults() {
var connector = {'username':'YOUR_SITE_USERNAME',
var creds = {};
creds[connector.connectorDomain] = {
"username": connector.username,
"password": connector.password
var additionalInput = {};
additionalInput[connector.connectorGuid] = {'domainCredentials':creds};
//get cookies
var login = query(connector.connectorGuid, false, connector.userGuid, connector.apiKey, additionalInput, false);
additionalInput[connector.connectorGuid].cookies = login.cookies;
var result = query(connector.connectorGuid, {"webpage/url":""}, connector.userGuid, connector.apiKey, additionalInput, false);
// do something with results like write to Google Sheet
function query(connectorGuid, input, userGuid, apiKey, additionalInput, login) {
var url = "" + connectorGuid + "/_query?_user=" + userGuid + "&_apikey=" + apiKey;
var data = {};
if (input) {
data["input"] = input;
if (additionalInput) {
data["additionalInput"] = additionalInput;
if (login) {
data["loginOnly"] = true;
var ch = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, {'method':'POST', 'payload': JSON.stringify(data)});
var result = ch.getContentText();
return JSON.parse(result);
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