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Michael Grove mhgrove

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mhgrove:dist mhgrove$ ./bin/stardog-admin db create -n foo
Successfully created database 'foo'.
mhgrove:dist mhgrove$ ./bin/stardog query foo "insert data { graph <tag:stardog:api:context:equipment> { <urn:a> <urn:b> <urn:c> } . graph <tag:stardog:api:context:phase-of-development> { <urn:d> <urn:e> <urn:f> } }"
Update query processed successfully in 00:00:00.147.
mhgrove:dist mhgrove$ ./bin/stardog data export foo --format NQUADS
<urn:a> <urn:b> <urn:c> <tag:stardog:api:context:equipment> .
<urn:d> <urn:e> <urn:f> <tag:stardog:api:context:phase-of-development> .
mhgrove:dist mhgrove$ ./bin/stardog query foo "SELECT ?s ?p ?o
mhgrove /
Created Apr 10, 2015
Demonstrates the use of Adder#graph correctly adds a Rule to the database
public void ruleExample() throws Exception {
final String aRule = "PREFIX :<urn:test:>\n" +
" IF {\n" +
" ?r a :Rectangle ;\n" +
" :width ?w ;\n" +
" :height ?h\n" +
" BIND (?w * ?h AS ?area)\n" +
" }\n" +
" THEN {\n" +
mhgrove / output
Created May 27, 2014
Describe Console Output
View output
mhgrove:stardog-2.1.3 mhgrove$ ./bin/stardog-admin server start
mhgrove:stardog-2.1.3 mhgrove$ ./bin/stardog-admin db create -n describe
Creating index: 100% complete in 00:00:00 (0.0K triples/sec)
Creating index finished in 00:00:00.010
Loading complete.
Inserted 0 triples in 00:00:00.082 at 0.0 triples/sec
Successfully created database 'describe'.
mhgrove:stardog-2.1.3 mhgrove$ ./bin/stardog data add --named-graph urn:context describe ~/Downloads/census-2011_qs103sc.ttl
Adding data from file: /Users/mhgrove/Downloads/census-2011_qs103sc.ttl
View gist:9639292
mhgrove:dist mhgrove$ cat input.nt
<urn:foo> <urn:bar> "literal".
mhgrove:dist mhgrove$ ./bin/stardog-admin db create -n foo -s input.nt
Bulk loading data to new database.
Parsing triples: 100% complete in 00:00:00 (1 triples - 0.2K triples/sec)
Parsing triples finished in 00:00:00.005
Creating index: 100% complete in 00:00:00 (0.2K triples/sec)
Creating index finished in 00:00:00.005
Computing statistics: 100% complete in 00:00:00 (0.2K triples/sec)
Computing statistics finished in 00:00:00.006
* <p>This is the extension point for 17.6 (Extensible Value Testing) of the SPARQL spec.</p>
* <p>For implementations of Function to be visible to the query parser and engine, they must be registered
* via the JDK {@link java.util.ServiceLoader}. Create a file called
* {@code com.complexible.stardog.plan.filter.functions.Function} in the {@code META-INF/services} directory.
* The contents of this file should be all of the *fully-qualified* class names for the custom Functions. Then
* if a jar containing the {@code META-INF/services} directory and the implementations for the Functions is
* included on the classpath, Stardog will pick up the implementations on startup.</p>
// this is where we'll store our constraints
Sail aConstraints = new MemoryStore();
// more specifically, we'll store them in a particular named graph
URI aConstraintGraph = Values.iri("urn:icv");
// and here is our database. note this can be *any* type of Repository
Repository aRepo = new SailRepository(new MemoryStore());
public void channelRead0(
ChannelHandlerContext ctx, FullHttpRequest request) throws Exception {
if (!request.getDecoderResult().isSuccess()) {
sendError(ctx, BAD_REQUEST);
if (request.getMethod() != GET) {
sendError(ctx, METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED);
public static final class ByteBufHttpOutputStream extends OutputStream {
* The channel to which the {@link ByteBuf} objects are written
private final ChannelHandlerContext mChannelHandlerContext;
* The {@link ByteBuf} to which data is currently being written
mhgrove /
Last active Dec 21, 2015
Modified LocalEcho class which demonstrates the name collision in LocalAddress
package netty;
import io.netty.bootstrap.Bootstrap;
import io.netty.bootstrap.ServerBootstrap;
mhgrove /
Created Aug 20, 2013
Netty HTTP Streaming Bug
// Copyright (c) 2010 - 2013, Clark & Parsia, LLC. <>
// For more information about licensing and copyright of this software, please contact
// or visit
package netty;
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