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Solution Script for disabling nservicebus check when loading sln in visual studio
function global:Disable-NServiceBusSetupCheck()
#default to current dir when debugging
$solutionScriptsContainer = "./"
$packagesFolder = Join-Path $solutionScriptsContainer "..\packages" -Resolve
Push-Location $packagesFolder
# Load NSB powershell module
$nsbPowerShellPath = Get-ChildItem . -Recurse -Filter NServiceBus.PowerShell.dll | Select-Object -First 1
if (Get-Module NServiceBus.Powershell) {
Remove-Module NServiceBus.Powershell
Import-Module ($nsbPowerShellPath.FullName)
# Setup registry variables
$nserviceBusKeyPath = "HKCU:SOFTWARE\NServiceBus"
$machinePreparedKey = "MachinePrepared"
$dontCheckMachineSetupKey = "DontCheckMachineSetup"
$machinePrepared = $false
$nservicebusVersion = Get-NServiceBusVersion
$nserviceBusVersionPath = $nserviceBusKeyPath + "\" + $nservicebusVersion.Major + "." + $nservicebusVersion.Minor
# If NSB registry entries are missing for the current version, then create them. There is an issue in the current script where this is broken.
if (!(Test-Path $nserviceBusKeyPath)) {
New-Item -Path HKCU:SOFTWARE -Name NServiceBus | Out-Null
if (!(Test-Path $nserviceBusVersionPath)){
$versionToAdd = "$($nservicebusVersion.Major).$($nservicebusVersion.Minor)"
New-Item -Path $nserviceBusKeyPath -Name $versionToAdd | Out-Null
New-ItemProperty -Path $nserviceBusVersionPath -Name $machinePreparedKey -PropertyType String -Value "false" | Out-Null
New-ItemProperty -Path $nserviceBusVersionPath -Name $dontCheckMachineSetupKey -PropertyType String -Value "true" | Out-Null
else {
# If NSB registry entries are present, ensure setup check is disabled.
$a = Get-ItemProperty -path $nserviceBusVersionPath
$dontCheckMachineSetup = $ | ?{ $_.Name -eq $dontCheckMachineSetupKey }
# Only set the registry entry if it is not already there. This allows users to still turn the check on if they choose.
if(!$dontCheckMachineSetup) {
New-ItemProperty -Path $nserviceBusVersionPath -Name $dontCheckMachineSetupKey -PropertyType String -Value "true" | Out-Null
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