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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Regular expressions to capture candidate tweets in the 2014 election.

Keywords for Al Jazeera America's 2014 Election Twitter bots

This is the list of words that will trigger a retweet of candidate in the 2014 midterm elections in our three twitter bots @ajamEnergyBot, @ajamImmgratnBot and @ajamPotBot. If you have any additions/deletions/suggestions, please leave a comment below.

More info:


(sustainability|solar|Solyndra|#agw|biodiesel|biodiversity|bioenergy|biomass|biopower|clean air|cleaner air|cleanair|cleanenergy|natural gas|hydropower|hydroelectric|nuclear|foreign oil| emissions |energy innovation|geothermal|fuel efficiency|clean energy|natural resources| coal |climate change|global warming|eco-friendly|ecofriendly|ethanol|fracking|globalwarming|#green|#greenjobs|green jobs| methane |#smartgrid|smart grid|#tcktcktck |wind energy|wind power|windenergy|windpower|#recycle|energy subsidies|energy policy|energy plan|keystone|energy pipeline|oil pipeline|bituminous|tar sands|oil sands|oil well|deep water horizon|oil spill|genpatsu|Fukushima| GHG |greenhouse gas|KXL |dilbit)


(immigrant|dream act|amnesty|immigration|secure our border|secure the border|border control|border security|#SB1070|#cirasap|#cir|#ri4a|DREAMact|TNTweeters|Path2Citizenship|path to citizenship|CitizenshipMatters|citizenship matters|#StopICE|KIDS Act)


(marijuana|cannabis| weed (?!out)|smoking pot|smoke pot|smoked pot|legalize pot|mariguana|marihuana|legalizeit|420|JustSayNo |JustSayNow |MMJ )

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