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import requests
import sys
import json
def waybackurls(host, with_subs):
if with_subs:
url = '*.%s/*&output=json&fl=original&collapse=urlkey' % host
url = '*&output=json&fl=original&collapse=urlkey' % host
r = requests.get(url)
results = r.json()
return results[1:]
if __name__ == '__main__':
argc = len(sys.argv)
if argc < 2:
print('Usage:\n\tpython3 <url> <include_subdomains:optional>')
host = sys.argv[1]
with_subs = False
if argc > 3:
with_subs = True
urls = waybackurls(host, with_subs)
json_urls = json.dumps(urls)
if urls:
filename = '%s-waybackurls.json' % host
with open(filename, 'w') as f:
print('[*] Saved results to %s' % filename)
print('[-] Found nothing')

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albvt commented Dec 25, 2018

bruh how are you

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