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Created August 29, 2016 02:46
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Enable promiscuous mode of vmware on a Linux Host
1/ Method 1
# First, create a new Linux group which has permission to use promiscuous mode, and add yourself to the group.
$ groupadd promiscuous
$ usermod -a -G promiscuous <your_user_id>
# Update the group ownership and access permission of /dev/vmnet*
$ chgrp promiscuous /dev/vmnet*
$ chmod g+rw /dev/vmnet*
2/ Method 2
To allow all users (instead of a specific user) to set the virtual adapter to promiscuous mode, run the following command on host machine.
$ chmod a+rw /dev/vmnet*
Above setting is a temporary solution as the reboot will delete changes.
==To make it permanent at each reboot==
# For Method 1 (assuming that you already created a Linux group called "promiscuous" as described earlier):
Find the line vmwareStartVmnet in /etc/init.d/vmware
vmwareStartVmnet() {
vmwareLoadModule $vnet
"$BINDIR"/vmware-networks --start >> $VNETLIB_LOG 2>&1
chgrp promiscuous /dev/vmnet*
chmod g+rw /dev/vmnet*
# For Method 2 :
Find the line vmwareStartVmnet in /etc/init.d/vmware, and put the chmod as below :
vmwareLoadModule $vnet
"$BINDIR"/vmware-networks --start >> $VNETLIB_LOG 2>&1
chmod a+rw /dev/vmnet*
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izznogooood commented Apr 24, 2018

Thanks, this does not work in vmware 14 as it does not use init.d

I made a simple script:

chown root:<username> /dev/vmnet*
chmod 660 /dev/vmnet*

saved in "/opt/scripts/enable_vmware_promiscuous"
edit /etc/systemd/system/


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joeyglands commented May 4, 2019

Worked like a charm!

Thanks @izznogooood

UPDATE: not sure what happened but your solution doesn't work

I'm using VMware Workstation 14.0 and @mhtsai1010 solution is working instead

Thanks @mhtsai1010

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