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* File name : Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict
* Description : MacOSX global key binding personalizations
* Original author(s): Michael Hucka <>
* Organization : California Institute of Technology
* Some bindings were collected from TextServices.
* Original (for emacs bindings) came off the net somewhere.
* See here for more documentation:
mhucka / gist:a5d3eeb07c6e3fb679d1c01761f8f8fe
Created April 13, 2023 00:28
My conventional commits tags
build: Changes that affect the build system or external dependencies
ci: Changes to CI configuration files and scripts
docs: Documentation only changes
feat: A new feature
fix: A bug fix
perf: A code change that improves performance
refact: A code change that neither fixes a bug nor adds a feature
style: Changes that do not affect the meaning of the code
test: Adding missing tests or correcting existing tests
mhucka /
Last active September 6, 2022 23:55
Simple web server that echoes GET and POST content to stdout
''' Simple web server that echoes GET and POST content to stdout
1. Save this content into a file named ""
2. Make sure you have Flask installed: "pip3 install flask"
3. Run the following command line: "flask run"
mhucka / gist:567e1030c3b1de8c3b98c7d82778a957
Created September 6, 2021 15:21
Code shown in the "Default – MathJax 3" tab of the section on "Loading MathJax" at
window.MathJax = {
options: {
ignoreHtmlClass: 'tex2jax_ignore',
processHtmlClass: 'tex2jax_process',
renderActions: {
find: [10, function (doc) {
for (const node of document.querySelectorAll('script[type^="math/tex"]')) {
const display = !!node.type.match(/; *mode=display/);
const math = new doc.options.MathItem(node.textContent, doc.inputJax[0], display);
const text = document.createTextNode('');
mhucka / gist:59e785a315d813d14cd0258b89a2fcac
Last active February 2, 2024 22:28
Stop the Adobe Creative Cloud app from auto-launching on login on macOS
# =============================================================================
# @file GitHub gist
# @brief stop Adobe Creative Cloud app from auto-launching on login on macOS
# @author Michael Hucka <>
# @created 2021-08-12
# @website
# I find Adobe Creative Cloud absolutely infuriating. It installs auto
# launchers that are not in the user's login app list, and the services are
Here's some text.
Here's an image reference.
![embedded image][img1]
The assets in a file would be placed at the end of the file.
After drag-copying from my main library to a group library, a 5-digit number shows up in the "Extra" field in the newly-copied entry in the group library
mhucka / Zotero discipline choices
Created January 27, 2021 17:07
List of disciplines from the Zotero group library interface at
African American Studies
American Studies
Art History" selected="selected
Classics and Classical Studies
Creative Writing
Digital Humanities
Film Studies
History of Science and Medicine