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Simple script to transfer multiple repos from Bitbucket to GitHub (or vice versa). Inspired by
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This script assumes you have your ssh keys setup for Bitbucket and GitHub.
# It also assumes you have created the repos on GitHub already and the URL slugs are an exact match.
# Also, this script will barf if you try to transfer an empty repo.
# Note that this code does not transfer wikis, downloads or issues.
# Also note, you may have to turn on QOS upload speed limiting so your router
# doesn’t freak out; I limited my upload bandwidth to 2Mbps.
# Don’t forget to `chmod u+x <this file>.sh` in order to execute it via `./<this file>.sh`.
declare -r bitbucket_user=
declare -r github_user=
declare -r
declare -r
# Explicitly declare a variable (this is better than implicit):
declare -a repos=(
for i in "${repos[@]}"; do
echo Transfering repo: "$i"
git clone --bare git@${xfer_from}:${bitbucket_user}/${i}.git
cd ${i}.git || exit
git push --mirror git@${xfer_to}:${github_user}/${i}.git
cd - || exit
# Gracefully Exit program:
exit 0
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