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My learning and the work completed during the GSoC period for Mifos Organisation.

About Mifos Organisation

The best thing about Mifos Organisation is that it’s a diverse community with members from all parts of the globe and all of them have been very supportive and helping. Talking of my area of interest, that’s DEVELOPMENT. I loved working with Rajan Maurya , Edward Cable, and other fellow interns and will continue to contribute to work even after the GSoC period.

This is the link to all of my work that I have done.

Learning during the GSoC period

There are many things that I learnt from Mifos Community, not only during the GSoC period, but from the first day I started to work for the Community. Using Android libraries like RxJava, Dagger, OkHttp, Mockito, MPAndroid, Material Stepper and Espresso. I learnt how to write clean decoupled code using MVP and MVVM Architecture Pattern, worked on huge code-base with large global team, and working with Git Version Control extensively. This year I worked on front-side, but also on the back-end side which I always wanted to complete the whole cycle of development knowledge. Moreover, I worked on new things that were introduced in recently during Google I/O.

Work Done during the GSoC period

  • Migration to Androidx [PR]

  • Added Splash Screen [PR]

  • Added Passcode library [PR]

Integrated fineract-cn-mobile with mifos-passcode library to add extra security feature which prevents user from login to the application everytime.

  • Enhanced Search functionality [PR]

Previously, Search functionality implementation involved REST calls to the server, when this functionality can be achieved by filtering on Android Device, hence preventing unnecessary REST calls to the server.

  • Added Group Creation functionality [PR]

  • Added view details support for Accounts, Ledgers, Tellers, Products [PR]

  • Added Settings Section [PR]

Previously, there were no Settings in the application, how user can update Passcode (feature needs to be implemented in mifos-passcode library) and change language.

  • Migration from REST API calls to Couchbase calls (need to create separate branch for it on Github)

Inorder, to make the fineract-cn-mobile app, offline-first, Couchbase integration is the solution Community decided. Still, alot of discussion is required in Community on how to make GET calls. But I'm implemented the sycning functionality for Customers, which can be replicated to other functionality. This has been the most challenging and best functionality that I have worked on this and previous year GSoC. Although, it's not yet completed and requires Community-wise discussion on further implementation, looking forward to continue my work on it post GSoC.

  • And many bugs fixes and UI/UX enhancements [PR]

I would like to thank Ed and my mentor Rajan again for helping me whenever I wanted and making my GSoC memorable.


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@sabya48 sabya48 commented Jan 23, 2020

i want to contribute in this project

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