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Last active November 11, 2017 20:25
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Register multiple "ESC" key handlers so hitting the escape key only does the most recently registered action. (requires jQuery)
var escEvents = new Array();
// If something needs to listen for the "ESC" key to be pressed, pass that functionality here
// eventName STRING a name for this event, like "myPopupDialog"
// eventFunction FUNCTION what to do when the user hits the escape key
function setEscEvent(eventName, eventFunction){
escEvents.push({ eventName: eventName, eventFunction: eventFunction });
// When an item doesn't need to listen for the "ESC" key anymore, remove it
// this is called automatically after escape is pressed, but if you no longer need to listen you can call it manually
// eventName STRING the name assigned to the event in setEscEvent()
function unsetEscEvent(eventName)
$.each(escEvents, function (index, value) {
if (value['eventName'] == eventName)
// When the "ESC" key is pressed, do the most recent registered function
// then unset this listener since the event is over
function runEscEvent()
var lastEvent = escEvents.length - 1;
// This is the listener for the escape key to be pressed
$(document).on( 'keyup', function ( event ){
if (escEvents.length > 0 && event.keyCode === 27) {
} );
/* ************** */
function myPopup()
// ... code to open the popup
//if the user hits the escape key, close the popup
setEscEvent('popup',function () { closePopup() });
//if the user clicks the "close" button or anywhere outside the popup, close it.
//if your event doesn't have another way to close it (and the user has to press ESC) then this is OPTIONAL
$("#popup-close, #modal-background").on("click", function (e) {
closePopup(); // run the function to close the popup
unsetEscEvent('popup'); // manually unset the ESC key listener since we no longer need it
function closePopup()
// ...code to close the popup
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