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For in2master, I wanted the ability to autoset config.absRefPrefix, specifically set it, or unset it without a lot of hassle. The following code does such.
config {
# cat=basic/links; type=string; label=Absolute Reference Prefix: Used to convert relative paths to absolute paths. Use absolute URL like "" to set. If empty, config.baseURL is used. If 0, config.absRefPrefix is unset.
absRefPrefix =
[globalVar = LIT:0 = {$config.absRefPrefix} ]
config.absRefPrefix >
[globalVar = LIT: = {$config.absRefPrefix} ]
config.absRefPrefix < config.baseURL
config.absRefPrefix = {$config.absRefPrefix}

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@michael-cannon michael-cannon commented Aug 28, 2012

specifically set absRefPrefix

config.absRefPrefix =

autoset config.absRefPrefix

config.absRefPrefix =

unset config.absRefPrefix - useful for when TYPO3 extensions don't play well with others

config.absRefPrefix = 0

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