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Created April 23, 2014 22:57
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Developer Position at eReserve

We are adding to our Australian based development team and are on the hunt for developers who would love the opportunity to work in a highly collaborative and productive environment.

We are looking for developers who are responsive, take pride in their work, are passionate about delivering quality code, working swiftly and efficiently and improving the user experience.

eReserve has developed reading list, workflow for study materials management processes and copyright reporting for the education sector that help improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce risk of copyright violation. We are seeking developers to help us refine our product and implement features that have arisen from our close customer collaboration. Our product is aimed at both the Australian and global education markets and is aimed at helping educators efficiently create reading lists, manage and report on copyright materials use and lower the cost of study materials management.

We are looking for developers with a proven record in Ruby on Rails and associated technologies. The majority of our development is focused on our SaaS solution however there are opportunities to apply skills in DevOps. You would be expected to work collaboratively, focus on quality and incorporate automated tests into your work practices.

Our work environment is a relaxed distributed office that provides the flexibility of working remotely or attending our premises for in person collaboration. If you like to work creatively and collaboratively and think you have what we need lets discuss what you could bring to our team!

What you'll be doing

  • Working as part of a small Agile Team (approx. 3 person) practicing SCRUM / XP
  • Pair programming on a regular basis
  • Writing clean, well thought out, tested and reliable code that is production ready
  • Doing a combination of new feature development, small enhancements, maintenance, server/environment management, and integration,
  • Reviewing, evaluating and learning new technologies
  • Initiating small enhancements and UX improvements to our products
  • Testing and deploying production changes
  • Participating in peer code reviews
  • Occasionally providing technical support to our customers

Essential Requirements

  • Open and mature with others
  • Good personal and written communication skills
  • Have professional experience working remotely
  • Committed to technical excellence and continual learning
  • Reliable and consistent ability to work with tools and frameworks used in product
  • Submitting time daily and participating constructively in the development and expansion of our product
  • Ability to honestly engage with team in ways that help us build excellent products
  • Able to see a project through from conceptualisation and discussion to production deployment and support
  • Focus on customer need and value

Required Technical Skills
2+ years commercial experience in the following technologies and approaches:

  • Agile Teams using SCRUM / XP
  • Object Oriented Software Development
  • Languages: Ruby (1.9.3 / 2.0), Javascript, CoffeeScript, HTML5, CCS3, Haml, Sass, PHP
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails (3.2.x), JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap (2.3.x)
  • BDD / TDD with Cucumber / RSpec / Capybara / FactoryGirl
  • Database: MySQL, Redis
  • Git / GitHub
  • OS: linux / OSX
  • Using Continuous Integration / Deployment

Desired Technical Skills

  • RoR 4.x, Twitter Bootstrap 3.x
  • CentOS, nginx and Unicorn
  • Deployment and hosting on AWS with Chef & Capistrano
  • Maintaining Continuous Deployment
  • Contributed to open source projects

Interested? Contact us []( Rails Developer)

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