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"{\n \"$schema\": \"\",\n \"config\": {\n \"mark\": {\n \"tooltip\": null\n },\n \"view\": {\n \"height\": 300,\n \"width\": 400\n }\n },\n \"data\": {\n \"name\": \"data-856a37508df4691ee92109908a3a0a63\"\n },\n \"datasets\": {\n \"data-856a37508df4691ee92109908a3a0a63\": [\n {\n \"age\": 15,\n \"people\": 4566154,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1910\n },\n {\n \"age\": 80,\n \"people\": 211110,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1920\n },\n {\n \"age\": 45,\n \"people\": 1065973,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1880\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 8705835,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1980\n },\n {\n \"age\": 90,\n \"people\": 6569,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1850\n },\n {\n \"age\": 55,\n \"people\": 4981670,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1990\n },\n {\n \"age\": 10,\n \"people\": 8563700,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1960\n },\n {\n \"age\": 25,\n \"people\": 6903041,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1970\n },\n {\n \"age\": 10,\n \"people\": 5430835,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 10,\n \"people\": 5960416,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1940\n },\n {\n \"age\": 40,\n \"people\": 11320252,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 2000\n },\n {\n \"age\": 20,\n \"people\": 9436188,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1990\n },\n {\n \"age\": 10,\n \"people\": 4001749,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1900\n },\n {\n \"age\": 50,\n \"people\": 964484,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1880\n },\n {\n \"age\": 35,\n \"people\": 1185336,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1870\n },\n {\n \"age\": 20,\n \"people\": 5854227,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 2665174,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1900\n },\n {\n \"age\": 25,\n \"people\": 6317332,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 1275629,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1870\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 6090862,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1960\n },\n {\n \"age\": 75,\n \"people\": 40229,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1850\n },\n {\n \"age\": 90,\n \"people\": 15164,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1900\n },\n {\n \"age\": 70,\n \"people\": 1280023,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1940\n },\n {\n \"age\": 35,\n \"people\": 5696261,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 70,\n \"people\": 1287711,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1940\n },\n {\n \"age\": 15,\n \"people\": 6193701,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1940\n },\n {\n \"age\": 40,\n \"people\": 3059757,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1920\n },\n {\n \"age\": 35,\n \"people\": 588487,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1850\n },\n {\n \"age\": 50,\n \"people\": 4199164,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 80,\n \"people\": 246708,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1930\n },\n {\n \"age\": 90,\n \"people\": 204148,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1980\n },\n {\n \"age\": 0,\n \"people\": 1450376,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1850\n },\n {\n \"age\": 90,\n \"people\": 135774,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1960\n },\n {\n \"age\": 50,\n \"people\": 3488396,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1940\n },\n {\n \"age\": 55,\n \"people\": 1880975,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1920\n },\n {\n \"age\": 65,\n \"people\": 149331,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1860\n },\n {\n \"age\": 90,\n \"people\": 745146,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1990\n },\n {\n \"age\": 90,\n \"people\": 336303,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 2000\n },\n {\n \"age\": 45,\n \"people\": 5794120,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1970\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 4110771,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1920\n },\n {\n \"age\": 50,\n \"people\": 2126516,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1910\n },\n {\n \"age\": 85,\n \"people\": 1981156,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 2000\n },\n {\n \"age\": 25,\n \"people\": 862547,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1850\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 5895178,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 5676022,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 4424408,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1930\n },\n {\n \"age\": 40,\n \"people\": 2860229,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1910\n },\n {\n \"age\": 20,\n \"people\": 4549411,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1920\n },\n {\n \"age\": 25,\n \"people\": 5664244,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1940\n },\n {\n \"age\": 35,\n \"people\": 505012,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1850\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 730638,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1850\n },\n {\n \"age\": 10,\n \"people\": 5986529,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1930\n },\n {\n \"age\": 80,\n \"people\": 637717,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 20,\n \"people\": 10614947,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1980\n },\n {\n \"age\": 85,\n \"people\": 109210,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1930\n },\n {\n \"age\": 10,\n \"people\": 4650747,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1910\n },\n {\n \"age\": 60,\n \"people\": 4696140,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1980\n },\n {\n \"age\": 45,\n \"people\": 5697543,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1980\n },\n {\n \"age\": 10,\n \"people\": 5629744,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 40,\n \"people\": 5953910,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1980\n },\n {\n \"age\": 35,\n \"people\": 4791809,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1940\n },\n {\n \"age\": 90,\n \"people\": 6622,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1860\n },\n {\n \"age\": 15,\n \"people\": 9692669,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 2000\n },\n {\n \"age\": 0,\n \"people\": 5296823,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1910\n },\n {\n \"age\": 35,\n \"people\": 6852069,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1980\n },\n {\n \"age\": 55,\n \"people\": 1064632,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1900\n },\n {\n \"age\": 55,\n \"people\": 4170581,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1960\n },\n {\n \"age\": 65,\n \"people\": 239080,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1870\n },\n {\n \"age\": 45,\n \"people\": 3633152,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1930\n },\n {\n \"age\": 70,\n \"people\": 98465,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1860\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 11028712,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1990\n },\n {\n \"age\": 40,\n \"people\": 428185,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1850\n },\n {\n \"age\": 70,\n \"people\": 255422,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1880\n },\n {\n \"age\": 80,\n \"people\": 132449,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1900\n },\n {\n \"age\": 15,\n \"people\": 1495999,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1860\n },\n {\n \"age\": 10,\n \"people\": 9452338,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1980\n },\n {\n \"age\": 80,\n \"people\": 1342996,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1990\n },\n {\n \"age\": 55,\n \"people\": 1317651,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1910\n },\n {\n \"age\": 60,\n \"people\": 3009768,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 35,\n \"people\": 3088990,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1910\n },\n {\n \"age\": 35,\n \"people\": 6431337,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1960\n },\n {\n \"age\": 5,\n \"people\": 2428469,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1870\n },\n {\n \"age\": 25,\n \"people\": 3389280,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1900\n },\n {\n \"age\": 20,\n \"people\": 8341830,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1970\n },\n {\n \"age\": 35,\n \"people\": 3713810,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1920\n },\n {\n \"age\": 60,\n \"people\": 1587549,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1920\n },\n {\n \"age\": 85,\n \"people\": 658511,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1970\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 1596772,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1880\n },\n {\n \"age\": 20,\n \"people\": 1351121,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1860\n },\n {\n \"age\": 50,\n \"people\": 1571038,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1900\n },\n {\n \"age\": 80,\n \"people\": 359418,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1940\n },\n {\n \"age\": 50,\n \"people\": 286580,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1850\n },\n {\n \"age\": 80,\n \"people\": 47427,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1870\n },\n {\n \"age\": 80,\n \"people\": 1919292,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1980\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 11105750,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1990\n },\n {\n \"age\": 85,\n \"people\": 62725,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1910\n },\n {\n \"age\": 90,\n \"people\": 90766,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1950\n },\n {\n \"age\": 50,\n \"people\": 2200491,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1920\n },\n {\n \"age\": 30,\n \"people\": 8955225,\n \"sex\": 2,\n \"year\": 1980\n },\n {\n \"age\": 10,\n \"people\": 10756403,\n \"sex\": 1,\n \"year\": 1970\n }\n ]\n },\n \"encoding\": {\n \"x\": {\n \"field\": \"age\",\n \"type\": \"ordinal\"\n },\n \"y\": {\n \"field\": \"people\",\n \"type\": \"quantitative\"\n }\n },\n \"mark\": {\n \"extent\": \"min-max\",\n \"type\": \"boxplot\"\n }\n}"
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