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A script to correct sentences
import re
def replace(match):
if match:
phrase =
symbol =
return symbol + ' ' + phrase[-1].upper() if symbol is '.' else phrase[-1]
def parse(string):
string = re.sub(r'([\.\,\?\:\;])\w', replace, string) # add space between any punctuation symbol and letter
string = string.capitalize() # Capitalize first letter of the sentence
string = re.sub(r'([\.])[\s]+\w', replace, string) # Capitalize any letter after a full stop
string = re.sub(r'[\s]+', ' ', string) # Fix more than one whitespace occurrence
return string
if __name__ == '__main__':
print(parse('first, solve the problem.then, write the code.'))
print(parse('this is a test... and another test.'))
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