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How Aristotle Created the Computer - The Atlantic


The real parallel between Hitler and Trump

  • Some thoughts about how Trump's (and Hitler's) misbehaviour slipped through the cracks of society.

Programming and Systems Eng

Operating Systems Lecture Notes Lecture 1 Overview and History
Analyzing the vintage 8008 processor from die photos: its unusual counters

tool nerding out and other procrastination helpers

GNU screen appearance
Ditching NERDTree and Using Vim's 'Default' File Explorer - Prevent Default
Vim: you don't need NERDtree or (maybe) netrw | George Ornbo


How to Index special characters and Search those special characters in Elasticsearch - Elasticsearch - Discuss the Elastic Stack
Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide 2.x
Configure Security Groups for Your Classic Load Balancer - Elastic Load Balancing
How to Control Access to Your Amazon Elasticsearch Service Domain | AWS Security Blog
Recording keys for repeated jobs | Vim Tips Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia


A Better Life | Static HTML Templates using Jinja2
Welcome to Jinja2 & Jinja2 Documentation (2.9)
A Better Life | Static HTML Templates using Jinja2
Primer on Jinja Templating - Real Python

Python, modules and plugins

Philip Guo - CPython internals: A ten-hour codewalk through the Python interpreter source code
How to return a dictionary | Python - Stack Overflow
correct way to define class variables in Python - Stack Overflow
Plain function or Callback - An example in Python
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How to use python & import function properly import() - Stack Overflow
Very basic 'plugin' system? : Python
Writing plug-ins in Python


Basic Usage & python-slackclient 1.0.1 documentation
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python - Cache the result of a MySQLdb database query in memory - Stack Overflow
Getting Started with the Slack API using Python and Flask - Real Python
API Methods | Slack
errbot/ at 546ccbbf94bbdc8f99826a91517f66a51ae10e5a · errbotio/errbot · GitHub
pyhole/ at master · jk0/pyhole · GitHub
mogbot/ at 998a4004102f34783bdcfc26b56e15655a0cc991 · iamlemec/mogbot · GitHub
GitHub - slackhq/python-rtmbot
API Methods | Slack

misc programming

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Insanely complete Ansible playbook, showing off all the options · GitHub
GitHub - herrbischoff/awesome-osx-command-line: Use your OS X terminal shell to do awesome things.


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