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Commands to get the node serials and other info from Avamar nodes. Not a script, use wisely
# This is not a script, please paste commands direclty into a ssh/putty window.
# get the DPN status
# set the ssh agent keys
ssh-agent bash
ssh-add ~/.ssh/dpnid
# get the serial numbers
mapall --noerror --user=root --nodes=all+ --quiet 'echo `hostname -i`": "`/usr/bin/ipmitool fru print 0 | grep "Product Asset Tag" | sed "s/^.:\s\(.$\)/\1/"`'
# If that command fails use this command
# mapall --all+ --quiet '/usr/bin/omreport chassis frontpanel | grep "LCD Line 1" | sed "s/^.*: \(.\)/\1/"'
# get the interfaces
mapall --noerror --user=root --nodes=all+ --quiet '/sbin/ifconfig -a'
# look for product info from DMI
mapall --noerror --user=root --nodes=all+ --quiet 'dmidecode | grep -i product'
# get the disk layout
mapall --noerror --user=root --nodes=all+ --quiet 'df -h | grep -c data
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