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Chat log for extension manifest
(5:59:52 PM) unknownbliss: where is the info for a extension kept? For example, phpbb version, extension version, extension name, extension author etc. if there is no MODX?
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(6:12:06 PM) igorw: unknownbliss: we will need som kind of manifest
(6:12:26 PM) igorw: it could be a JSON file, it could be a yaml file, it could be just the info section of modx
(6:12:47 PM) unknownbliss: i'll post up an RFC?
(6:13:05 PM) unknownbliss: or should it go in the main extensions one of nadermans's?
(6:13:38 PM) brunoais: I'll go for JSON or XML (MODx). I'm not into yaml, yet
(6:14:25 PM) brunoais: XML with xsl can be viewed in almost any browser with nice colours and formatting and yaml can't.
(6:14:39 PM) brunoais: there's also the other side, XML uses more space than yaml.
(6:15:29 PM) igorw: opening a package manifest in a browser is kind of weird
(6:15:46 PM) igorw: it's mostly designed for machine consumption
(6:16:01 PM) igorw: that's what we said about MODX originally, lol
(6:16:09 PM) imkingdavid: since extension info isn't really supposed to be viewed in a browser we don't need xml
(6:16:21 PM) imkingdavid: the idea behind extensions is simply upload and click enable
(6:16:36 PM) igorw: yeah, well I don't really mind either format
(6:16:42 PM) igorw: but imo those are the two that make most sense
(6:17:04 PM) igorw: JSON or MODX subset
(6:17:12 PM) imkingdavid: i'd go with json
(6:18:01 PM) brunoais: json is good
(6:18:28 PM) igorw: no matter which we pick, somebody is going to complain about it :P
(6:18:49 PM) brunoais: lol
(6:19:07 PM) brunoais: I won't complain with either of the ones chosen
(6:19:14 PM) brunoais: *ones dicussed here
(6:19:32 PM) brunoais: I just don't like yaml and prefer the other 2
(6:20:45 PM) bantu: It should not be a "propritary standard", so no MODX.
(6:21:11 PM) bantu: Json seems fine, with json_decode and _encode in PPHP 5.2.0
(6:21:25 PM) brunoais: ;)
(6:21:36 PM) brunoais: +1 for json -1 for XML
(6:22:05 PM) bantu: *proprietary *JSON *PHP
(6:22:38 PM) igorw: bantu: we could use composer.json format
(6:22:43 PM) bantu: on the other side, what you probably meant is XML instead of MODX
(6:22:54 PM) bantu: and you have to do some validation somehow
(6:23:08 PM) bantu: so XML is not a bad choice either
(6:23:09 PM) bantu: hmm
(6:23:19 PM) igorw: bantu: there's json-schema
(6:23:31 PM) igorw: with PHP 5.3 libraries to validate it
(6:23:58 PM) igorw: #justsayin
(6:24:05 PM) bantu: So I guess I would prefer JSON over XML just because it is human readable.
(6:24:15 PM) igorw: I personally prefer it as well
(6:24:39 PM) igorw: kinda makes sense, but then phpBB modding community has always been kinda special
(6:26:36 PM) imkingdavid: perhaps we should run it by mod team or modding community to get opinions
(6:26:49 PM) imkingdavid: but i say go for json for now
(6:26:56 PM) unknownbliss: +1 to json
(6:27:05 PM) brunoais: "perhaps we should run it by mod team or modding community to get opinions"
(6:27:08 PM) brunoais: 50
(6:27:14 PM) brunoais: "perhaps we should run it by mod team or modding community to get opinions" +50
(6:30:34 PM) imkingdavid_: so new sticky in MOD Writers?
(6:30:47 PM) imkingdavid_: not that i'd want to post it
(6:30:48 PM) imkingdavid_: :P
(6:31:06 PM) brunoais: dunno about sticky but I'd say: Create a post!
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