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Inheritance with templates.json
{ // All are mapped to specific files inside this style
// phpBB Base
"faq_body": "@self:faq_body.html.twig",
"index_body": "@self:index_body.html.twig",
"report_body": "@self:report.html.twig",
"search_body": "@self:search/body.html.twig",
"search_results": "@self:search_results.html.twig",
"viewforum_body": "@self:viewforum.html.twig",
"viewonline_body": "@self:viewonline/body.html.twig"
{ // phpBB Prosilver
"faq_body": "@phpBBBase:faq_body.html.twig", // Hardcoded to specific file in base
"index_body": "@phpBBBase:index_body", // Softcoded to use whatever index_body maps to in base
"report_body": "@self:report_body", // As is a loop to itself assume report_body.html.twig inside this style
"search_body": "@self:search/body.html.twig", // Slashes allowed for directories
"search_results": "@phpBBBase:search/results.html.twig",
"viewforum_body": "@phpBBBase:viewforum_body",
"viewonline_body": "@self:viewonline/body.html.twig",
"viewtopic_body": "@self:viewtopic_body.html.twig"
{ // phpBB Titan
"faq_body": "@phpBBBase:faq_body.html.twig",
"index_body": "@self:index_body.html.twig", // Use it's own index_body.html.twig file'
"report_body": "@phpBBProsilver:report_body", // Use the file specified in prosilver
"search_body": "@self:search/body.html.twig",
"search_results": "@phpBBBase:search/results.html.twig", // Despite the fact the mapping is different in prosilve for this map value, still use the specified file
"viewforum_body": "@phpBBProsilver:viewforum_body", // Use the mapping for viewforum_body so would end up rendering a template from base
"viewonline_body": "@phpBBMons:viewonline_body", // Use a template from phpBB Mons style
"viewtopic_body": "@self:viewtopic_body.html.twig",
"awesome_non_coresidebar": "@self:awesome_sidebar.html.twig"
{ // phpBB Titan
"faq_body": "@phpBBTitan:faq_body", // Titan uses templates from Mons and Mons uses templates from Titan
"index_body": "@phpBBTitan:index_body",
"report_body": "@phpBBTitan:report_body",
"search_body": "@phpBBTitan:search_body",
"search_results": "@phpBBTitan:search_results",
"viewforum_body": "@phpBBTitan:viewforum_body",
"viewonline_body": "@self:viewonline_body", // Use a template from phpBB Mons style
"viewtopic_body": "@self:viewtopic/body.html.twig",
"awesome_non_core_sidebar": "@self:different_sidebar.html.twig", // We can override this in general
"@phpBBTitan.awesome_non_core_sidebar": "@phpBBTitan:awesome_non_core_sidebar" // But maybe we only want to overide instances where it's used in phpBB titan (Or force usage of titan's when it's used inside titan/when it's specifically declared to use titan's as is this casen)'
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