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Last active February 1, 2019 19:13
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Candidates Standing for Election

Brief descriptions are just designed to help jog memory, not provide comprehensive descriptions. Please read nomination topics.

Name Proposer Twitter Handle Brief Description of Projects/Companies Link to nomination topic
Beau Simensen Chris Tankersley simensen Sculpin, Silex, SensioLabs US Link
Cees-Jan Kiewiet Michiel Rook wyrihaximus ReactPHP, Async Interop Link
Chris Tankersley Korvin Szanto           dragonmantank Sculpin Link
David Négrier Michiel Rook david_negrier PSR-11 Editor, Mouf (Small DI framework) Link
Gary Hockin Matthew Weier O'Phinney geeh Jetbrains (PHP Storm IDE), Formely Roave Link
Graham Daniels Matthew Weier O'Phinney greydnls PHP League       Link
Jason Coward Korvin Szanto drumshaman Slim             Link
Jeremy Coates Matthew Weier O'Phinney phpcodemonkey MagmaDigital, PHP NW Conference       Link
Korvin Szanto Adam Culp KorvinSzanto PSR-12 Editor, concrete5       Link
Larry Garfield Korvin Szanto Crell Drupal, (Hosting)      Link
Lukas Kahwe Smith Fabien Potencier lsmith Symfony, Jackalope, Liip Link
Marc Alexander Korvin Szanto           marc1706 phpBB Lead       Link
Matthew Weier O'Phinney Larry Garfield mwop Zend Framework Lead      Link
Michael Heap Michiel Rook mheap Datasift Link
Samantha Quiñones Marc Alexander ieatkillerbees FIG Secretary, AOL, Etsy Link
Same Minée     Korvin Szanto           sminnee           Silverstripe CEO Link
Sara Golemon Larry Garfield SaraMG HHVM, PHP Internals,, Formerly Facebook Link
Stefano Torresi Matteo Beccati           storresi           Academic CS, Local PUG          Link
Steve Winter Korvin Szanto           steveWinterNZ PHP Hampshire      Link
Tobias Nyholm Chris Tankersley TobiasNyholm PHP Cache, PHP HTTP Plug       Link

The numbers

  • Candidates nominated: 20

✓ ✗


Voting for Core Committee Members is open to (a) member project representatives (b) any community member with FIG involvement

The criteria is essentially making 5 or more posts to the FIG mailing list OR an equivalent amount of FIG involvement on other mediums (e.g. github, slack, calls). If you think you might be eligbile to vote but aren't sure then check with a secretary.

Note to candidates

You are highly encouraged to vote for yourself. Not doing so but still voting actually puts you at a disadvantage when vote calculations are done; whereas not voting means that you, as a community member or project representative, have not been able to voice you or your project’s opinion on the wider formation of the Core Committee. As you all have the ability to vote, all of you voting for yourselves in first will essentially cancel all of your votes out.

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