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Late yesterday afternoon the PSR-9 and PSR-10 drafts were moved into master on the php-fig/standards repository, moving them along to the next step and to get the wider perspective of the main PHP-FIG group's opinions on it.

What are PSR-9 and PSR-10, you ask? Here's a brief summary so far:

At the end of last year (2014) Lukas Smith made a proposal to the PHP-FIG group for a standard that would make reporting security issues with PHP projects and libraries a much more structured thing. The general idea is that a standardized document (or documents?) in a project's repository would provide information about current and past security issues in a well-defined structure that could have some automated tooling around it. Much discuss

// Code line
$var = 'foo';
print ($var);
// MOD 1 changes foo to foobar and prints in upper case
$var = 'foobar';
print (strtoupper($var));
* @package Language File Conflict Detector
* @version $Id$
* @copyright (c) 2012 nickvergessen
* @license GNU Public License