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RFC Template [Markdown]

RFC Template

Feature Name: (fill me in with a unique identity, myawesomefeature)

Type: (feature, enhancement)

Start Date: (fill me in with today's date, YYYY-MM-DD)

Author: (your names)

Related components: (if any)

JIRA issues: (list of SL- numbers)


One paragraph explanation of the feature.


Why are we doing this? What use cases does it support? What is the expected outcome?

Detailed design

This is the bulk of the RFC. Explain the design in enough detail for somebody familiar with the network to understand, and for somebody familiar with the code practices to implement. This should get into specifics and corner-cases, and include examples of how the feature is used.


I Why should we not do this?


What other designs have been considered? What is the impact of not doing this?

Unresolved questions

What parts of the design are still to be done?

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