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Created google-fedora-metadata-keys following instructions here:
I used 'fedora', 'cloudinit', and 'root' as usernames there, most likely just 'fedora' would be required/needed.
Converted qcow2 image to raw using qemu-img convert command, followed instructions here to import into GCE appropriately:
Create instance (you probably don't need to specify all these options, this was copied from the web interface for convenience)
gcloud beta compute \
--project=<redacted> instances create mgugino-fedora-33-test3 \
--zone=us-east1-c --machine-type=e2-medium \
--network=default --network-tier=PREMIUM \
--metadata=block-project-ssh-keys=true \
--maintenance-policy=MIGRATE \
--service-account=<redacted> \
--scopes=,,,,, \
--image=fedora-33-mgugino-test --image-project=<redacted> --boot-disk-size=40GB \
--boot-disk-type=pd-standard --boot-disk-device-name=mgugino-fedora-33-test3 --reservation-affinity=any \
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