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Set-WindowsExplorerOptions -EnableShowHiddenFilesFoldersDrives -EnableShowProtectedOSFiles -EnableShowFileExtensions -EnableShowFullPathInTitleBar
Set-StartScreenOptions -EnableBootToDesktop
cinst 7zip.commandline
cinst adobereader
cinst adobeshockwaveplayer
cinst android-sdk
cinst AndroidStudio
cinst binroot
cinst calibre
cinst cccp
cinst cmder
cinst cmder.portable
cinst ConEmu
cinst ctags
cinst curl
cinst daemontoolslite
cinst DotNet4.0
cinst eclipse
cinst ext2fsd
cinst f.lux
cinst fiddler
cinst Firefox
cinst flashplayerplugin
cinst genymotion
cinst git
cinst git.install
cinst GitHub
cinst golang
cinst gtksharp
cinst heroku-toolbelt
cinst hg
cinst java.jdk
cinst javaruntime
cinst jdk8
cinst launchy
cinst libreoffice
cinst mingw
cinst mono
cinst monodevelop
cinst netbeans
cinst nodejs
cinst nodejs.commandline
cinst nodejs.install
cinst notepadplusplus
cinst notepadplusplus.install
cinst npm
cinst packer
cinst php
cinst PowerShell
cinst procexp
cinst putty
cinst putty.portable
cinst python
cinst R.Project
cinst R.Studio
cinst racket
cinst ReSharper
cinst resharper-platform
cinst ruby
cinst skype
cinst SourceTree
cinst spybot
cinst steam
cinst svn
cinst teamviewer
cinst unity
cinst vagrant
cinst vcredist2010
cinst velocity
cinst vim
cinst virtualbox
cinst vlc
cinst Wget
cinst windirstat
cinst winscp
cinst zotero-standalone
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